Get a complete map of every page on your site

Sitedex crawls all links on your site and creates a complete map of your website. This makes it easy to find bad titles, missing headings, broken links and other issues that might impact your SEO.

Map all your pages

Get a complete map of all your pages and the information they contain.

Blazing fast

Sitedex uses up to 20 concurrent requests to check your site. Enough to make it blazing fast without breaking stuff.

Detect broken links

Sitedex crawls all links it finds on your hostname and makes it easy to detect redirects or broken links.

Find missing headings

Without headings your site wont perform good in organic search. Find missing headings before the search engines do!

Open graph data

Your site may be shared in social media, on Messenger or Slack. Use open graph meta data to control over how your site looks when shared with others!

Track down broken images

Are you diplaying a missing image on your site? Sitedex checks all image tags with sources from your hostname.

Ready to explore your data?

Use your favorite database application to explore the data from Sitedex. We output a simple SQLite database that you can use however you like.

App screenshot